Beat Making Software

Beat Making Software by DubTurbo!

If you want to make beats then by now you have probably heard about DUBTurbo. It is a beat maker that has been getting awesome feedback. DUBTurbo is a complete solution for an absolute beginner to make beats on their computer. If you are currently looking into doing this, you need to try Dub Turbo's beat making software.

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Sequencing Perfection

DUB Turbo Sequencer Beat Making Software

The powerful sixteen track master sequencer allows you to turbo charge your artistic creativity by giving you the freedom to include as many loops and drum beats as your heart desires.

10 Pad Drum Machine

DUB Turbo Drum Machine Beat Making Software

The drum machine panel combines the extensive audio library of high quality sounds with hot key functionality, allowing you to tap in your beats by using your keyboard or enter them in manually.

4 Octave Keyboard

DUB Turbo 4 Octave Keyboard Beat Making Software

The 4 octave keyboard utilizes beautifully mastered instruments from its extensive audio library, so that you can bring your music to life with effects that breathe authenticity into every beat!

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"Really FAST tool - I made the first beat in 6 minutes or so and exported to .wav no problem. Check it out tell me if it's worth posting.. .. . Gotta say I have vst's and such but the sample selection and drums are way better than I expected for this (sorry, just figured anything under $xxx must be crap - I stand corrected!). Congrats fam, can't wait forthe next version already. "